Professor of Near-Surface Applied Geophysics and Geological Interpretation


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The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) seeks applicants with a strong research profile in geological interpretation based on analysis of near-surface geophysical data.

You are expected to contribute to GEUS’ overall strategy by strengthening our knowledge on interpretation of shallow offshore and onshore near-surface geophysical data. GEUS collects large amounts of seismic data and other data types offshore and onshore to unravel the layering, structure, and composition of relatively young deposits and shallow, pre-Quaternary sediments. In regard to this, GEUS is strengthening its capacity when it comes to field and laboratory equipment, and the new professor will be involved in this effort. Much of the data is collected in the North and Baltic seas and onshore Denmark in connection with a variety of projects related to resource prospecting, groundwater mapping, planning of wind turbine farms etc. With a well-established research and consultancy project portfolio in a Danish context, the department is also heavily engaged in research projects and international cooperations on a global scale, with projects in both Arctic and tropic regions on a range of topics related to near-surface geology. These data sets also serve as an excellent platform for e.g. expanding our basic knowledge on recent depositional, sedimentological, and structural evolution and to create new geological models of the shallow subsurface.

You are expected to promote our ideas, competences and concepts to the surrounding world, to deliver research output at a high international level, and to successfully obtain funding for and lead larger research projects. Moreover, the position aims at strengthening and profiling our research, public sector consultancy and advisory activities.

The position is in the Department of Near-Surface Land and Marine Geology, SURFACE, which is located at GEUS’ office in Aarhus.

Job description
The candidate is expected to establish and further develop a strong and coherent research environment in the Department of Near-Surface Land and Marine Geology, which closely cooperates with the other departments in GEUS as well as with Danish universities and relevant international research institutions. Many of GEUS’ activities in this research field are focused on the shallow marine environment surrounding Denmark and onshore localities in Denmark, and fieldwork in these environments will be central for the research group. Moreover, development and application of new, innovative methods for efficient data analysis is expected to continuously contribute to advancement of the research field, and the professor is expected to play a central role in this context.

Candidates for professorships at GEUS must have a strong research profile in the field and have a strong publication track record in international research journals with high impact in the research field. Moreover, candidates are expected to have played and have the ambition to play a key role in advancing the research field, for example by taking part in organisation of international conferences and by editing relevant journals and/or book series.

Research activities are to a large extent dependent on external funding. GEUS has a strong tradition for attracting research funding from e.g. Danish research councils, the European Commission, private foundations and authorities. GEUS also leads and acts as partner in internationally funded research projects such as EU Horizon projects. Professors at GEUS should have a strong track record of research funding and play a leading role in research funding application and project management.

Professors at GEUS are expected to set the direction for GEUS’ research within their field of expertise and related fields to develop and advance research and make new ideas thrive in an open and welcoming research environment. Furthermore, professors at GEUS play an active role in career planning for early career scientific staff and take responsibility for the education of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. They are also expected to have a collaborative spirit and actively engage with other professors, project managers and staff to contribute to a dynamic research environment. Moreover, professors may become members of GEUS’ research committee and act as sparring partners for management decisions on strategic planning and hiring plans for scientific staff.

GEUS is an independent research institution under the Danish Ministry of Cliamate, Eerngy and Utilities. GEUS provides research-based public sector consultancy for Danish governmental institutions and research-based advice to private companies. Professors are expected to either take part in such public sector consultancy and advice or to act as sparring partners for colleagues and management in such matters.

Your qualifications
We seek candidates with an excellent international profile. Consideration will be given to your international network, your ability to engage and motivate staff, as well as your openness, drive, and interpersonal skills.

You have a research profile within applied geophysics and geological interpretation, and you have visions and ideas for developing the research field. You are experienced in creating and establishing research projects with different partners, obtaining external funding, and in leading and managing large research projects.

Experience with supervising of MSc, PhD students and early careers researchers are a prerequisite.

We also expect you to have experience with fieldwork, and public sector consultancy and advisory activities.

Department of Near Surface Land and Marine Geology
At the Department of Near Surface Land and Marine Geology, we conduct research within a wide range of topics related to resources, processes, and geology of the upper 300 meters of the subsurface, on- and offshore. The department has a strong expertise within quaternary geology, glacial geology, geomorphology, near-surface geophysics, and quantitative geological modelling, which acts as the foundation for a range of research topics and consulting assignments. These include paleoclimate, geomorphology, groundwater mapping and protection, raw materials mapping on- and offshore, shallow geothermal energy, geohazards, landslides and geological tasks in connection with offshore installations, such as bridges or tunnels, harbour constructions, cable trenches and wind farms as well as the geological structure of the coastal zone.

We have a long tradition for geological and geophysical mapping and exploration on- and offshore and have a full shallow-marine geophysical mapping capacity and well data laboratory facilities.

Based in Aarhus, the department consists of 30 enthusiastic colleagues comprising researchers, consultants, postdocs, technicians, and students.

As the national geological survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS has a substantial global outreach, giving you a platform to expand your research network and generate research collaborations in global context. In the coming years, GEUS and the SURFACE department are looking into a wide range of new, exciting projects of great societal importance both on- and offshore.

We offer:

  • A creative and interdisciplinary research environment
  • A lively and informal work environment with talented and dedicated colleagues
  • A family-friendly workplace with flexible working hours
  • An active social environment, including a staff association and an art society
  • Fitness centre with physiontherapy at the workplace
Salary and conditions of employment
The position as Professor is permanent. Terms of employment are in accordance with the collective agreements between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the relevant, eligible trade union. Supplements can be negotiated according to skills. The appointment area is the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities and its institutions. The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities considers diversity to be an asset and invites anybody interested, regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity, to apply for the position.

Further information
A full description of the academic field can be obtained from the Head of Department, Torben Bach, telephone +45 60 26 18 83, e-mail, or Deputy Director, Lars Nielsen, telephone +45 91 33 38 70, e-mail International applicants can read more about living and working in Denmark here:

The application is to be written in English and should include a letter of motivation, your PhD diploma and CV, a complete publication list with 1) a separate indication of peer reviewed journal papers and 2) an indication of publications where you have either been the lead or senior author.

The application shall include the relevant academic works that you wish to be included in the professor assessment (max. 10). Please also enclose other material that can document your research and teaching qualifications. You are requested to include a 2-3-page account that refers to your most important academic work with relevance to the position. Finally, you are encouraged to make a one-page explanation of your plans for the development of the field. In addition to the material that you wish to include for the assessment, the assessment committee can choose to include further material in their evaluation. It is your responsibility to send the material to the committee upon request.

It is mandatory to include your updated ResearcherID and/or ORCID, which will be used to assess the publication record in Web of Science. Any recently accepted or submitted publications can be added separately to a list of publications.

Your application must be with GEUS no later than 12.00 midday (Danish time), 10 January 2024.

Please, send your application via GEUS’ website under Jobs.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The appointment procedure
GEUS’ Managing Director appoints an expert assessment committee consisting of a chair and two or four external researchers at professor level. The assessment committee will make an individual evaluation of the candidate’s academic qualifications for the position advertised.

Then GEUS’ Managing Director appoints an appointment committee consisting of a Deputy Director, the Head of Department, representatives of the department and a representative from HR. The appointment committee decides which of the qualified candidates they want to call for a job interview. After the interviews, the appointment committee prepares a priority list for the Director. The procedure is in accordance with “Circular on the appointment and assessment of academic staff at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland”, Sections 4 and 7.


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